About Us

People all across the country waste money on new products every day – new products that quickly become old and get tossed away. Here at Atlanta.com, we connect those who want with those who no longer need. By providing listings on everything from cars to current technology, we assist with savings that enable users to hold onto more of their hard-earned cash.

But that’s not the only service we provide.

Through our site, professional service providers can connect with new clients and create lifelong loyalties. Employees can be matched up with the best local Atlanta employers to establish new workplaces and achieve financial security. It doesn’t matter what industry you want to break into. Opportunities are available – and you can find them all in one place, regardless of your experience. Just like finding a new piece of patio furniture, all it takes is a quick look through the classifieds.

The same thing goes for housing. If you want an apartment in the heart of the city or need a home in the suburbs on the outskirts of town, Atlanta.com empowers you by providing you options. Whether you’re looking to break the bank or save big, the perfect place is just clicks away – and you can search by neighborhood or property type. The choice is yours.

At Atlanta.com, we aim to help you accomplish your goals. So whether you’re looking for a new place – or just some things to put in it – let us point you in the right direction.