Ardmore Rentals & Homes for Sale


The Ardmore neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia is the place to look for real estate if you want to be in one of the city’s best areas. The price of properties in Ardmore reflect the high-quality living environment. Residents have access to a variety of nightlife, can meet diverse populations and feel secure raising families here. If Ardmore sounds like the type of neighborhood you are looking for, continue reading for more information.

Ardmore is about 20 minutes by car to Downtown Atlanta and is located just off the Beltline, keeping residents away from the noisiness of the big city center. The neighborhood is great for its top characteristics: enjoyable nightlife, family-centric atmosphere and diverse occupants. Houses in Ardmore are understandably priced higher than other areas, so renting is common in the area, with 60 percent of the residents here living in rental properties.

Ardmore Rentals & Homes For Sale
Ardmore Is About 20 Minutes by Car to Downtown

Residents who take interest in Ardmore can find different types of housing available, including homes, condos and apartments. The average price of houses is about $304,000 and the median rental price of real estate in Ardmore is almost $1,340. New residences are obtainable in the area with modern furnishings and bungalow homes with historic vibes are also prevalent.

Single family homes in Ardmore frequently start at $430,000 for two bedrooms, $500,000 for three bedrooms and easily cost over $725,000 to more than $1 million for a four-bedroom house. Usually, rental homes in Ardmore begin around $1,200 monthly for updated studios or one bedroom rentals. Three bedroom houses for rent can cost $3,000 or more four bedroom rentals or more easily cost over $5,000 per month.

Ardmore apartments for rent can start around $1,200 for updated studios and one bedroom rentals. Pricing for two bedroom apartments in the area is often $1,900 or more monthly depending on the exact location. Three bedroom apartment rentals are usually around $2,200 or more and four bedrooms are often even higher. The distinction in prices normally depends on the updates that have or have not been made to the units.


MARTA, the public transit, is readily available along the west perimeter of the neighborhood for residents to ride into downtown or other sections of Atlanta. Throughout various parts of the neighborhood and the surrounding areas, a wide array of parks and green spaces, grocery stores, food and shopping centers can be easily reached by all residents.

Ardmore real estate is close to various outdoor areas that include:

  • Ardmore Park
  • Tanyard Creek Park
  • Loring Heights Park
  • Dale Way Park
  • Atlanta Memorial Park
  • Northside Trail
  • Winn Park

Restaurants near the neighborhood houses include:

  • Café Sunflower Buckhead
  • Benihana
  • Uncle Julio’s Mexican From Scratch
  • Egg Harbor Café
  • Imperial Fez Restaurant
  • Houston’s
  • Yumbii
  • Chick-fil-A


Some retail and entertainment stores by Ardmore properties are:

  • Marie Degeorge LLC
  • Tags Boutique
  • RCR Consignment Boutique
  • Alexis Suitcase Consignment Shop
  • Ego At Buckhead
  • Brookwood Village
  • Joseph Plata, Inc.
  • Willis & Walker Denim

The real estate and environment of Ardmore are more properly suited to families, older residents and professionals with advanced careers. The high prices in the area are not ideal for low-income residents, students or anyone else on tight budget. Household income in Ardmore averages just below $79,000 and more than 80 percent of those living in the neighborhood have a bachelor’s degree or a higher form of advanced education.

If the real estate fits within your budget and you are hoping to find an enjoyable neighborhood for your family to grow in, Ardmore is a great place to land. With a nightlife grade of “A+,” a diversity grade of “B+” and a family wellness grade of “A,” the opportunities for happy living are endless in this desirable Atlanta community.

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