Collier Hills Rentals & Homes for Sale


When looking for real estate north of Atlanta, Collier Hills is a popular option for many homebuyers. Located just north of Interstate 75, this neighborhood provides easy access to downtown. Public transportation is not as prevalent in Collier Hills as it is in other neighborhoods, but its location makes it easy to navigate by car. Collier Hills is known for its attractive homes, low crime rate and outdoor activities.

Collier Hills Rentals & Homes For Sale
Residents of Collier Hills Enjoy a Variety of Activities in the Community

Prospective home buyers who want a feel for the neighborhood can look at demographics and housing prices to get a better idea of what it is like to live in Collier Hills. As one of Atlanta’s more affluent neighborhoods, note that properties tend to be larger and more expensive here than elsewhere in the area. The median price for a residence here is $571,303, which is significantly higher than the national average of $184,700. Rentals also tend to cost more, with the median rent being $1,309 a month. It is more common to find monthly rather than weekly rentals in this neighborhood, as most residents stay for the long term. The division of homeowners and those who hold leases is evenly split in this neighborhood. About 49 percent of residents rent, while the remaining 51 percent are homeowners.

As one would expect based on home prices in Collier Hills, residents tend to be wealthier than average in this neighborhood. The median household income is $86,190, well above the national average of $55,322. Residents are also well-educated. About 46 percent hold a bachelor’s degree, while 42 percent have a master’s degree or higher. This leaves just 12 percent of the residents with some college experience, a high school diploma or less. Those who own properties in Collier hills commonly work as executives, managers, and other professionals. More than 70 percent of the residents in this neighborhood are employed in these fields.

Collier Hills residents usually live in single family homes with multiple bedrooms. The majority of houses in the neighborhood were built between 1970 and 1999, but new construction homes are sometimes built as well. Condos and apartments are more difficult to find in this neighborhood than some of the surrounding areas. It is more common to rent a house in Collier Hills than to sign a lease for a different type of residence.


When not at home, residents of Collier Hills enjoy a variety of activities in the community. Although a small neighborhood, Collier Hills has two parks within its boundaries. A third option, the Atlanta Memorial Park, is found bordering the community to the north. Within Collier Hills, residents can walk along beautiful paths in Tanyard Creek Park or explore the Tanyard Creek Urban Forest. Spring Valley Park is another option that residents enjoy.

A variety of real estate can be found along Collier Hills’ parks, which makes the area an attractive option for those who want to be near outdoor spaces. While the neighborhood is not very walkable in terms of running errands, Atlanta’s beltline trail system will soon have an addition that runs right along the edge of Collier Hills. This will provide even more outdoor recreation opportunities while also connecting the neighborhood to a variety of other communities. As it stands, Collier Hills’ walkability score is 41 out of 100 points, which means that residents will likely need a car when they are not enjoying outdoor activities in the neighborhood.

For those who work downtown or outside of the neighborhood, owning a car is even more necessary in Collier Hills. Public transportation options are somewhat limited in this community. The area is only serviced by one bus line from the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), the number 94 route. However, residents who want to take the bus can travel a short distance east to get on the number 110 line, which stops at the nearby Piedmont Hospital.


When not at work, Collier Hills residents enjoy a quiet and safe neighborhood. Crime rates are well below average in this community. Violent crimes, in particular, are all but unheard of. Residents should be aware that property crimes, such as burglary, theft and motor vehicle theft, sometimes do occur in Collier Hills. However, these rates are still well below the national averages. By taking measures to protect homes and vehicles, residents can ensure that their belongings are secure.

With a low crime rate and great outdoor recreation options, properties in Collier Hills are attractive to families as well as individuals. About 21 percent of the residents in the neighborhood are children. However, parents should be prepared to travel outside of the community for their children’s schools. Educational facilities located within a short drive of Collier Hills include the following:

  • The Howard School
  • Heritage Preparatory School
  • Rivers Elementary School
  • Sutton Middle School
  • Brandon Elementary School

After school or work, residents who call Collier Hills home enjoy great restaurants and other activities in the vicinity. Collier Hills itself is primarily residential, but a variety of delicious food can be found just a short drive away. Local dining options include:

  • Au Bon Pain, a bakery and café that serves soup and sandwiches.
  • El Azteca, a Mexican restaurant serving up casual comfort food.
  • Ted’s Montana Grill, which has a variety of steak and burger options.
  • Thomas’ Deluxe Grill, an outdoor dining option that provides organic and vegetarian choices.
  • Egg Harbor Café, a favorite spot for American-style breakfast and lunch.

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