East Chastain Park Rentals & Homes for Sale


East Chastain Park is popular with Atlanta real estate buyers because the area includes luxury homes and expansive restaurant options. The properties in this neighborhood are quiet and attractive because they are far from the noise and bustle of downtown Atlanta. However, East Chastain Park is close to luxurious Buckhead and includes a few vibrant establishments of its own. Some apartments in East Chastain Park are within walking distance to a variety of restaurants and shops. The State Bank amphitheater at Chastain Park is near to the community and is a popular venue for world-famous musicians.

East Chastain Park Rentals & Homes For Sale
East Chastain Park Holds an Impressively Low Crime and Safety Rating

The median sales price for a single family home in East Chastain Park is $325,000. There are more homes for sale than apartments for rent and most residents own rather than rent. You can easily find a luxury mansion in many neighborhoods, but older single family ranch homes are also common.

Apartment complexes are not as popular as suburban communities. However, new construction projects in the area have included several luxury apartment complexes located near Windsor Parkway. Cheap apartments are hard to come by and rent pricing is expected to continue increasing in the area. Most 1 bedroom apartments rent for $1,200 to $2,500 per month.

Georgia state boasts a total of 10,429,375 residents and only 4,590 live in East Chastain Park. Most of these residents are:

  • Caucasian.
  • 35 to 54 years of age.
  • Homeowners.
  • Employed full-time.

Most residents within the perimeter of the neighborhood hold a master’s or bachelor’s degree, commute to the downtown area and earn an average over $100k annually. Many local properties also house families with children under 10 years of age.


East Chastain Park is home to several trendy restaurants and shops. The Horseradish Grill and Buttermilk Kitchen are among the favorite brunch spots for local residents. Hal’s on Old Ivy, a steakhouse, and Park Bar, a burger joint, are ranked as the best places for dinner in the area.

There are also strip malls with several shops, located close to the area’s new construction apartments. Powers Ferry Square includes a nail salon, barber, children’s clothing stores, home goods shop and pet supplies market. Buckhead Court is a popular shopping area that includes many clothing boutiques and a sports equipment store.

Most contemporary homes in nearby neighborhoods are owned by business professionals, so the bar and nightlife scenes are expansive. The area is home to 66 bars, restaurants and nightclubs, including Sanctuary Nightclub, a Latin dance club that offers free weekly salsa lessons.

One of the biggest attractions to the area for locals and tourists is the State Bank amphitheater at Chastain Park. The outdoor venue draws many popular performers, including Jason Mraz, Rick Springfield and Lenny Kravitz.

The Metropolitan Atlanta Transit Authority (MARTA) is the easiest public transportation option for visitors and residents. The MARTA is an extensive bus system with routes connecting most suburbs to downtown Atlanta. However, most residents drive a car as it is difficult to get to nearby shops, schools and other places of interest without one.

The Atlanta Beltline is officially under construction and will be a traveling lifeline for all residents upon completion. The beltline will ultimately connect 45 different Atlanta districts through street car system and trail ways. However, most East Chastain Park residents drive their own vehicles instead of opting for public transportation options. Uber and other ride-sharing programs are also popular among residents.


A bike ride through East Chastain Park’s neighborhoods is safe and enjoyable, but there are few bike lanes on public roads and highways. Residents do not usually find the area good for commuter biking.

Residents in apartments close to shopping plazas and restaurants can walk to these establishments. However, those living in the neighborhoods are usually far from these areas. These residents usually drive their own vehicles or use ride shares to visit local establishments.

East Chastain Park holds an impressively low crime and safety rating. The area boasts less than average crime rates for both personal and property crimes when it is compared to other neighborhoods in Georgia state. Burglary or theft are the most common crimes committed in the area.

There are a limited number of school options within the neighborhood’s district zone. Public schools in the community include:

  • Jackson Elementary School.
  • Sutton Middle School.
  • North Atlanta High School.

Homes in the area are zoned for the Atlanta Public Schools district. The schools in East Chastain Park have much higher rankings than other schools in the district. Children can also attend private schools, such as Little Da Vinci International School, if parents opt to pay for schooling.

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