Peachtree Battle Rentals & Homes for Sale


Buying real estate in the Peachtree Battle neighborhood of Atlanta is a great option for residents who want to get involved in their community. The neighborhood, also known as the Peachtree Battle Alliance (PBA), has a very active civic group that newcomers can join. This nonprofit group represents the interests of the neighborhood and hosts a wide variety of events that residents can take part in. The group has a high rate of participation, with the majority of neighbors joining up each year.

Peachtree Battle Rentals & Homes For Sale
Residents who Own Homes in Peachtree Battle Can Enjoy a Variety of Activities on Foot

In addition to the strong sense of community you can find in Peachtree Battle, you will also find beautiful properties with large lawns. This neighborhood is also one of the safest in Atlanta. In fact, it is ranked 22nd in safety out of the city’s 167 neighborhoods.

Residents who own homes in Peachtree Battle tend to be wealthy and well-educated. The median household income is $116,320, which is more than double the national median income average. The vast majority of residents, 85 percent, hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. However, Peachtree Battle is not known for its economic or ethnic diversity. Approximately 95 percent of its residents are white, while African Americans and Asian Americans each make up about two percent of the community’s population.

Rentals are difficult to find in Peachtree Battle. Instead, you are more likely to find homes for sale in this Atlanta neighborhood. In fact, only 24 percent of residents rent, while 76 percent are homeowners. The median home value is well above the national average at $812,758 and, if you are able to find a rental property in the area, expect to pay the median rate of $1,404 per month.


Many modern and contemporary homes can be found in the PBA neighborhood. It is even common to come across mansion homes when looking through listings, and finding a place smaller than a 3 bedroom home in Peachtree Battle is rare. Instead, you will typically find large, 4 to 8-bedroom residences.

Transportation is one of the most important factors to consider before moving to the Peachtree Battle Alliance. The neighborhood is bordered by Highway 41 to the west, which connects to Interstate 75. This route will take you directly into downtown Atlanta. While properties in Peachtree Battle are not located far from the city center, commute times can be long. In the neighborhood itself, congestion is a common complaint. However, with the help of the Peachtree Battle Alliance civic club, residents are continually working on solutions that will cut down traffic within the neighborhood. These efforts not only make the community more enjoyable, they also help bring residents together with a common interest in mind.

When you own a house in Peachtree Battle, you can expect to need a car for most of your transportation needs, as nearly 93 percent of residents commute in a private automobile. This is not to say that public transportation is nonexistent in Peachtree Battle. The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) does serve the neighborhood with one bus route. The number 12 line skirts the neighborhood to the west and, to the east, the number 110 line is within close proximity.

When not at work, those who own real estate in Peachtree Battle will still need their cars to get around. The neighborhood’s walkability score is relatively low, coming in at 41 points out of 100. Running errands and commuting by bike is also somewhat challenging, with the neighborhood’s bike score sitting at 29 points out of 100. Still, residents who own homes in Peachtree Battle can enjoy a variety of activities on foot. The Atlanta Memorial Park is located just south of the neighborhood, making it a brisk walk from any home in PBA. Furthermore, the Bobby Jones Golf Course sits right on the border of the community.


Many residents of Peachtree Battle enjoy taking in the local art scene in their spare time. Shopping, going to the theatre and enjoying a night of fine dining are common activities for residents. A variety of stores can be found at the Peachtree Square Shopping Center, located at the southeast corner of the neighborhood. Although Peachtree Battle is primarily residential, those who own houses in the neighborhood can drive a short distance to get great food. Along the eastern border of the neighborhood, dining options include chains and independent restaurants such as:

  • Benihana
  • Au Bon Pain
  • Zoe’s Kitchen
  • Restaurant Eugene
  • La Grotta Ristorante

Residents enjoy the fact that Peachtree Battle is one of the safest neighborhoods in Atlanta. On all counts, crimes are much less common in PBA than they are in other areas of the city. Violent crimes are all but unheard of. Property crimes such as burglary and theft, however, are a more common concern although they are still well below the national average. By protecting their belongings and securing their homes, residents can reduce the chances of being the victims of theft.

In addition to the low crime rate in Peachtree Battle, homeowners benefit from having several schools in the area. Houses in Peachtree Battle are located in close proximity to schools such as Sutton Middle School and Rivers Elementary School. Additional schools can be found just outside the boundaries of the PBA neighborhood, all with high overall school rankings.

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