South Tuxedo Park Rentals & Homes for Sale


If you are considering real estate in South Tuxedo Park, you will need to know what the neighborhood has available for you and what its make-up is. The homes and apartments in South Tuxedo Park hold a total of more than 24,000 residents, making up nearly 13,000 households. Luxury homes are plentiful in South Tuxedo Park, and the neighborhood is well-known as the center of luxury in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. As such, the average household in the area has an income of $137,527, and the vast majority of residents are college educated (approximately 15,778 out of the 24,021). Most households in South Tuxedo Park do not have children, and the average number of persons per household is 1.83.

South Tuxedo Park Rentals & Homes For Sale
Properties in South Tuxedo Park can Enjoy Several Entertainment Options in the Neighborhood

The average cost of three-bedroom homes is $892,000, but many homes are far more expensive, and at any given time, the average home price may climb above $1 million. Several luxury apartments are also available in the neighborhood, but most of the housing options are made up of single-family homes.

In the southeast corner of the neighborhood there is a great shopping and eating area at Andrews Square. For eating, you can enjoy many delicious options, including the South African restaurant Yebo Beach Haus, the elegant converted-home Italian restaurant Portofino and the Buckhead BBQ. Shopping in South Tuxedo Park is known for its high number of boutique stores, including:

  • Tabu Boutique
  • Multiple bridal dress stores
  • Labels Resale children’s boutique
  • Miller Brothers

Many of the boutiques and restaurants in South Tuxedo Park are also located inside converted homes as opposed to shopping centers or strip malls, giving the area a more local feel.


Individuals who own properties in South Tuxedo Park can enjoy several entertainment options in the neighborhood. One entertaining night or weekend option is the Buckhead Theater. Built in 1931 and reopened in 2010, it has plenty of history and has been restored to its original form. Currently, it is used mostly as a music venue, hosting popular rock, hip-hop and country artists year-round. For younger residents, Hangovers is a club with excellent pizza options and a great dance atmosphere. It’s a good spot for students of the nearby University of Georgia College of Business, and for those attending trade schools such as the Film Connection Film Institute.

Unfortunately, there are very few public transportation options in this area. The nearest Buckhead Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) station is a 10-15 minute drive from the heart of South Tuxedo Park. So having a car is recommended. Beyond that, taxis and ride-sharing options may be best if you need transportation and do not own your own vehicle. Walking to Andrews Square is feasible, but most other areas even within Buckhead are not within walking distance. As such, Tuxedo Park has very low walking, biking and public transit scores as a neighborhood, which is why most residents have their own cars.

Crime rates in the neighborhood are mixed. Zone 2, the zone in which South Tuxedo Park lies, has one of the lowest numbers of reported violent crimes in the city. However, property crimes within South Tuxedo Park itself are far higher than the national average. For example, there are approximately 4,280 burglaries in the neighborhood each year, while the national average is 500, which is something buyers looking for homes here should consider.


Despite the mixed crime rating, many families looking for real estate in the area still consider South Tuxedo Park for its proximity to some of the highest-ranking schools in the state. For residents of the area, the best public, charter and private schools are as follows:

  • The Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School – Middle Campus
  • The Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School – Elementary Campus
  • Jackson Elementary School
  • Sutton Middle School
  • North Atlanta High School

Overall, South Tuxedo Park is a nice high-end neighborhood to live in if you have a high income and can afford one of the luxury housing options. It is not the most ideal neighborhood in terms of walkability, but there are plenty of excellent food, entertainment and shopping options in nearby Andrews Square. If you are looking for luxury homes in a quiet but still central location, this is the place for you.

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