Underwood Hills Rentals & Homes for Sale


If you are searching for great properties in Atlanta where you can settle down with your family, explore your career or feel like part of a welcoming community, Underwood Hills is a great area to consider. Located on the upper west side of Atlanta, Underwood Hills offers a variety of real estate options and a diverse living environment.

Underwood Hills Rentals & Homes For Sale
Underwood Hills Real Estate is Close to Many Outdoor Areas

Underwood Hills is about 15 minutes from downtown Atlanta and gives residents quick access to many different areas of the city. One of the top qualities of the area is its community atmosphere and great family living, while also containing businesses, food and entertainment spots. Houses in Underwood Hills are often difficult to find, because of the general affordability and desirable characteristics of the area.

Residents interested in Underwood Hills can find homes, condos, apartments and other housing types within the neighborhood. The middling value of houses here is about $230,000 and, on average, the rental cost of real estate in Underwood Hills is close to $1,160. New houses are available with contemporary furnishings and cheap residences with more dated amenities are also available.

Single family homes for sale typically begin at $115,000, and can exceed $1 million. Unfurnished rental homes in Underwood Hills cost between $1000 a month and $2,000 monthly for 2 bedroom rentals, range from $2,000 to $3,000 for 3 bedroom rentals and four bedroom rentals, or more, cost upward of $3,000.


More than half of the residents in the neighborhood rent their living spaces, with an average household income of a little over $80,500. Condos in Underwood Hills usually cost anywhere from $100,000 to over $500,000. If you are looking for a 1 bedroom condo, prices often begin at $100,000 and reach about $130,000. 2 bedroom condo prices range from $115,000 to more than $300,000. For larger families or those who want more space, 3 bedroom condo sale prices reside between $160,000 and $360,000 while a 4 bedroom condo often costs over $330,000.

Public transit on MARTA is available for residents to take into downtown Atlanta or another area of the city. Georgia State University is about a 15-minute drive from the neighborhood, and can also be reached by bus, so faculty and students might also be interested in searching for housing in the area. In addition, the neighborhood is peaceful and pet-friendly, and offers a broad scope of grocery stores, green space, dining and shopping centers for older residents, pet lovers and families with children to access.

Underwood Hills real estate is close to many outdoor areas. Some of these include the below:

  • Underwood Hills Park
  • Mantissa Street Park
  • Spring Valley Park
  • Atlanta Memorial Park
  • Cross Creek Golf Club
  • Crest Lawn Memorial Park


There are several restaurants near the neighborhood homes. Consider some of the following when dining out:

  • Waffle House
  • Soiree
  • Johnny’s New York Style Pizza
  • Café at Pharr
  • Rising Roll Gourmet
  • Malaya
  • Nuevo Laredo C antina

For those interested in shopping and entertainment, the options are plentiful. Retail and entertainment stores close to Underwood Hills include this list:

  • Dress Code
  • Steve London Designs, Inc
  • Cognito Creative
  • Pet Gallery INC
  • Economy Electric Supply Co
  • K&G Fashion Superstore
  • ProFRESHional Cuts Barber Shops

Young professionals, career-centered residents and families searching for real estate in Atlanta are great fits for the neighborhood. Most residents living in the area have some higher education credentials. About 45 percent of people who live in Underwood Hills have bachelor’s degrees, close to 11 percent have an associate degree or some college education and around 38 percent have master’s degrees.

Furthermore, crime rates reported in Underwood Hills houses are fairly low in the greater Atlanta area. With a “B-” grade for crime and safety, the neighborhood is 12th out of 167 for the best neighborhoods to buy a house in the city. The public schools serving the area earn a combined “B” grade, housing section was graded “A-” and, overall, the grade achieved for family living in Underwood Hills is an “A”.

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