West Paces Ferry Rentals & Homes for Sale


One of the most coveted suburbs in Atlanta is West Paces Ferry. Ranked as one of the top neighborhoods to live in Atlanta, there are quite a few reasons why this area is such a unique place to call home. Part of what makes West Paces Ferry so desirable is the strong sense of community this neighborhood has. Surrounded by dozens of schools, both public and private, this area is perfect for families or couples looking to start a family down the road.

West Paces Ferry Rentals & Homes For Sale
West Paces Ferry is a Better Option for Families Rather than Other Neighborhoods Closer to the Beltline

Real estate in West Paces Ferry has flourished over the years, with opportunities to both rent and own. However, there aren’t as many rental opportunities as there are purchasing options in this neighborhood. Before determining if renting is the right idea for you, potential residents should understand that there will rarely be apartments for less than $1,000 a month. Price points for apartment rentals in West Paces Ferry run between $1,200 and $1,600 per month because the rentals in the neighborhood tend to be luxury apartment buildings with upscale amenities.

As renting options are scarce, there are far more residents in West Paces Ferry who own their homes. In fact, 98 percent of residents in this community own, while only 2 percent rent. However, owning a home in the neighborhood is not cheap. Visitors to the area will most likely see mansion homes and private estates rather than small, single family houses. While potential residents can find houses for under $500,000, the median home value in West Paces Ferry is $1,013,271.


Aside from the high price point, West Paces Ferry provides a uniquely nostalgic feel within parts of the community. Old fashion traditions are alive and well in this neighborhood, especially in places such as:

  • OK Café – This diner opened in 1987 and serves true Southern cuisine. Visitors are drawn to the blue plate specials, the fresh milkshakes, lively jukebox and the 1950s atmosphere.
  • Tommy’s Barbershop – Many loyal customers who live in West Paces Ferry homes frequent this old-fashioned barbershop, which opened in the late 1950s. For those looking for a classic barbershop experience, this is the place.
  • Wender & Roberts Pharmacy – Wender & Roberts Pharmacy has been a reliable Georgia staple for years, and a trusted community drugstore is sometimes all it takes to make a neighborhood feel like home.

Many potential buyers are also drawn to the West Paces Ferry suburbs for its proximity to many great restaurants. Aside from the OK Café retro diner, other spots to eat include:

  • Pero’s Pizza and Pasta
  • Blue Ridge Grill
  • Houston’s
  • Willy’s Mexicana
  • Local Three Kitchen & Bar

Despite being close to all the aforementioned location and the City Center, having a personal vehicle is still important in West Paces Ferry. In fact, the neighborhood itself has a very low walk score of only 21 out of 100, meaning that those who rent and own homes here are required to have a car in order to get around.


In addition to a low walk score, West Paces Ferry also has a low bike and transit score. There are no bike lanes in or around the neighborhood, and public transit opportunities are few and far between. Granted, it is possible to hop on a local bus to a Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) station, but it is far more convenient to have a personal vehicle in this car-dependent neighborhood.

The reason why West Paces Ferry is a better option for families rather than other neighborhoods closer to the Beltline is because of the great schooling options. Schools that serve the West Paces Ferry are all A and B-rank. The best rated schools include:

  • Pace Academy
  • North Atlanta High
  • Atlanta Classical Academy
  • Sutton Middle
  • Brandon Elementary

In terms of universities, there are plenty of options nearby in the heart of the city, from Georgia State to Morehouse College. Given the high education level of its residents, it is no wonder that West Paces Ferry is surrounded by such prestigious institutions. Over 80 percent of residents have a college education, and 40 percent even have Master’s degrees.

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