Castleberry Hill Rentals & Homes for Sale


The historically hip neighborhood known as Castleberry Hill is one of the premier places to live in Atlanta. The type of residents who scoop up real estate in Castleberry Hill includes singles, professionals, students and those who value arts and culture. But there are also layers of history within Castleberry Hill, which makes this area a true gem in the heart of Atlanta.

Castleberry Hill Rentals & Homes For Sale
One of the Highlights of Living in Castleberry Hill is How Walkable the Area Is

As a federally recognized historic district, Castleberry Hill is more than just an important chapter in a textbook. There have been an influx of new apartment buildings and loft residences since 2000, plus a growing number of restaurants, art galleries, coffee shops and attractions worth exploring. Castleberry Hill was industrialized decades ago, which has led to many old warehouses and factory buildings to be converted into stylish residences and businesses.

Lofts in Castleberry Hill areal the rage, going beyond just being a real estate talking point and instead being a hot commodity. The neighborhood itself is home to over 100 warehouse buildings from the early 20th century, which have been preserved over time to create the ultimate home option. In fact, because of the historic buildings remaining in Castleberry Hill, the neighborhood was named on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985.

So, how much do these loft rentals cost? Prices range for various rentals in Castleberry Hill, depending on the size of the unit as well as the building amenities. For instance, a pet-friendly, 1-bedroom loft can range between $1,200 and $1,500 monthly. A 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom city-view condo in the same area can run upwards of $2,100 per month.


Some residents may find it to be a better option to buy versus rent in Castleberry Hill. Depending on how long a resident is looking to stay in the area, buying a condo in the area might be a wise choice. 2-bedroom condominiums with at least 1,000-square feet of space in Castleberry Hill tend to fall within the $250,000 range. Meanwhile, a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom condo stays under $200,000.

Beyond the cheap loft apartments, there are many other reasons to choose Castleberry Hill to live. One of the reasons includes the unique dining opportunities. Some of the best dining options in the neighborhood include:

  • No Mas! Cantina
  • Boxcar Grocer
  • Dat Fire Jerk Chicken
  • Old Lady Gang
  • Paschal’s
  • Smoke Ring
  • ADios Cafe
  • Elliott Street Deli & Pub
  • Bottle Rocket Fine Food and Beverage


Dining is just a fraction of what makes Castleberry Hill so unique, though. The culture, arts and activities all influence how special the neighborhood truly is. There are a wide variety of attractions worth exploring, such as:

  • Art galleries: Art plays a huge part in what makes this area so cultured, so exploring spots like Besharat Gallery and ZuCot Gallery are a must. Many people visit Castleberry Hill on the second Friday of every month to enjoy a free art stroll through the streets.
  • Learning spaces: Learning in this area does not just mean the proximity to Georgia State. Properties like MASS Collective offer up classes to learn certain social and problem-solving skills, as well as Blu’ Bisque which offers pottery and painting classes.
  • Atlanta Movie Tours: Castleberry Hill has also been dubbed prime real estate for film and television. Taking one of the Atlanta Movie Tours will show guests an area of Atlanta where over 40 feature films and TV shows have been shot.
  • Mercedes-Benz Stadium: The new home for the Atlanta Falcons is finally built and what better place to be than Castleberry Hill. See for yourself what makes the gargantuan stadium one of the most unique across the country.

One of the highlights of living in Castleberry Hill is how walkable the area is. The neighborhood ranks as the ninth most walkable within Atlanta with a walkability score of 84 out of 100. This is great news for anyone who chooses not to have a car within the city or who prefers to walk around the city. Public transportation, too, makes it easy for potential residents to get around. Castleberry Hill has not one but three MARTA stations nearby which add to the transit score of 75 out of 100. There is also a Relay Bike Share Program offered on Mitchell Street which contributes to the bike score for Castleberry Hill which is 66 out of 100. Limited hills, multiple bike lanes and number of bike commuters make this neighborhood a great place to bike or remain on foot.

Residents considering living along the Beltline should also be aware of the crime statistics. Crime in Castleberry Hill ranges from high to low, starting with the southern portion of the neighborhood being the highest and the northern portion being the lowest. Compared to all Atlanta neighborhoods, Castleberry Hill has more personal crime and property crime per person, but residents within the area have reported feeling very safe walking during both daytime and nighttime.

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