Georgia Tech Rentals & Homes for Sale


Situated immediately west of downtown Atlanta, the neighborhoods of the Georgia Institute of Technology, better known as Georgia Tech, is heavily populated by the university’s students. There are many real estate options for those looking for rentals whether apartments or houses as the area is buttressed by other neighborhoods that serve the university such as Home Park. As with many university communities, these neighborhoods are typically geared towards serving the university, but generally offer some value and reasonable prices.

Georgia Tech Rentals & Homes For Sale
Crime Within Georgia Tech Homes is Nearly Non-existent

Georgia Tech rentals and homes heavily reflect that of the university itself. A full 67 percent of the population of 13,364 people in this neighborhood is male, as Georgia Tech tends to be about 65 percent male. The vast majority of the population is also college-aged with 74 percent of them falling in the 18 – 24-year-old range. There are 16 percent of residents who fall into the 25 -34-year-old age group, with all other age group brackets at four percent or below. Racial diversity in the Georgia properties breaks down like this:

  • White — 46 percent
  • Asian — 23 percent
  • African-American — 20 percent
  • Hispanic — six percent

Of course, because of the nature of the neighborhood, most residents are well-educated:

  • 35 percent hold a master’s degree or higher
  • 34 percent have a bachelor’s degree
  • 21 percent have an associate’s degree or some college
  • Seven percent have a high school diploma

The median household income of $34,460 among Georgia Tech properties sits well below the national average. Over one third, 34 percent, have an income less than $25,000 per year, 20 percent make between $25,000 – $44,000, 23 percent earn $45,000 – $74,000, 19 percent make $75,000 – $149,000 and only five percent make above $150,000.


Crime within Georgia Tech homes is nearly non-existent. Only 15 assaults per 100,000 residents were reported, significantly lower than the 283 per the national average. Only 15 thefts per 100,000 versus the 2,043 reported nationally as well. Murders, robberies, motor vehicle thefts and burglaries reported as zero. The neighborhoods surrounding the university where many students live after their first year have a mixed crime rate. Home Park and Berkeley Park are generally considered to be the safer and more desirable places to rent.

The real estate properties making up the rentals and homes for sale surrounding the university area are a mix of modestly priced units. The median home price is $172,600, about $12,000 less than that of the national median price. Rental units have a median price of $1,218 per month. Breaking down the distribution of rentals and homes for sale prices looks like this:

  • 47 percent of homes sell for between $100,000 – 199,000
  • 39 percent sell for $200,000 – 399,000
  • Seven percent cost $50,000 – 99,000
  • Six percent cost $400,000 – 749,000

Rentals cost:

  • 48 percent of rental prices fall between $1,000 – $1,499
  • 24 percent cost $1,500 – $1,999
  • 21 percent rent for $500 – $999
  • Seven percent rent for $2,000+
  • One percent cost less than $500 per month


Many Georgia Tech students, especially incoming freshmen, elect and prefer to spend those first semesters living on campus. There are various housing options available to those who prefer to roll room and board up into a single expense along with their tuition. Some of the housing options on campus include:

  • Dormitories – These typically house two students and provide basic furniture such as beds, desks, dressers, chairs and wardrobes. They have access to a common laundry facility, bathrooms for other rooms on the floor and easy access to a cafeteria.
    • Sometimes dorms may be designated specifically for freshmen, those in honors programs or open to any undergraduates.
    • There are dorms that house only women and sometimes those in a particular field of study as well, such as science and technology.
  • Apartments – These dorms operate more like apartments with several bedrooms sharing common space. They can house between two and six people and provide the same basic amenities as regular dorms.
    • Apartments are available for a variety of students. There are some undergraduate apartment-style dorms available.
    • There are also graduate apartment dorms for those pursuing advanced degrees but who prefer to remain on campus.
    • Some apartment dorms are designated as housing for graduate students who have families and wish to remain on campus while pursing advanced degrees.

The Georgia Tech campus provides myriad options for entertainment through various student organizations and guest performances arranged throughout the year. Atlanta’s ‘Heart of the Art’s is also located just off campus providing lots of things to do. There are also a plethora of dining options available on campus from Taco Bell to Panda Express, Starbucks, Chik-Fil-A, Dunkin’ Donuts and many more independent operations. However, there are also plenty of dining options available close by as well with over a dozen alone in Technology Square. Others nearby include:

  • Fox Bros. BBQ –Established in 2007, this local BBQ joint offers Atlantans and visitors succulent meats cooked slow and low, not slapped on the grill and slathered with sauce.
  • Nuevo Laredo Cantina – Recognized as the best Mexican food in Atlanta since 1992, this establishment has been wowing even the Gringo aficionados who hail from Texas and California who are consistently spoiled with their own versions of the famous cuisine from our neighbors south of the border.
  • Kevin Rathbun Steak – Recognized as one of the finer steakhouses in the United States, this swanky eatery doles out some of the finest dry-aged beef available.

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