Knight Park-Howell Station Rentals & Homes for Sale


Real estate in the Knight Park-Howell Station is highly popular among people who want to live close to downtown without being right in the center of the action. Houses are a bit more expensive than average here compared to the rest of Atlanta, but costs are still affordable. The properties in Knight Park-Howell Station are generally move in ready, with beautiful lawns and mature trees found all over the neighborhood.

Knight Park-Howell Station Rentals & Homes For Sale
Those Who Call Knight Park-Howell Station Home Tend to Be Upper-middle Class

In Knight Park-Howell Station, homes are priced at about $266 per square foot and the typical closing cost is about $331,000. For comparison, the median price-per-square-foot in Atlanta is $192. Although a house may cost more in the neighborhood, rentals are slightly more affordable here than other places in Atlanta. Expect to pay around $1,141, the median rent rate, when signing a lease in this neighborhood.

Rental properties may be more affordable in Knight Park-Howell Station, but it is much more common to find that your neighbors are homeowners here. About 66 percent of the people here own their homes rather than rent. The most common listings on the market are for small and medium-sized single family homes. Cozy bungalow houses, in particular, dominate the market. However, a mixture of new construction and historic homes line the streets as well.

Those who call Knight Park-Howell Station home tend to be upper-middle class, with many people employed in professional or management positions. About one-third of the residents work in sales and service jobs or are employed in manufacturing. With many people in higher-up positions, the median household income in Knight Park-Howell Station is $69,722, well above the national average income.


When looking at demographics of people who own homes around here, you will find that young professionals and single people dominate the neighborhood. The median age in Knight Park-Howell Station is 29, below the city’s average age of 33. While the majority of residents here are younger than 35, there are not many families in the area. In fact, children only account for three percent of the neighborhood’s population.

Even though there are not currently many families in Knight Park-Howell Station, it is a great place for young couples to move when they want to start a family. The crime rate is much lower than average and there are a variety of great school districts that cover the neighborhood. Popular schools in the area include:

  • Grady High School
  • The Howard School
  • Centennial Academy
  • Inman Middle School

With the help of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), professionals can easily make it to downtown without the use of a car. Most areas of the city center can be accessed by bus in under 30 minutes. For those who prefer train travel, it is also easy to hop on the Green Line at the Bankhead Transit station. Although public transportation options abound in the neighborhood, most people who live here still prefer to commute by car. About 87 percent of residents drive to work, while nine percent ride the bus or train.


Owning a home in Knight Park-Howell Station means you have access to some of Atlanta’s best parks. In the near future, an extension of the beltline will cut right through the neighborhood on Marietta Boulevard as well, providing even more recreation opportunities. Until that project is complete, though, you can take the Proctor Creek Trail right into Westside Reservoir Park. This is currently one of the biggest parks in the city, but it will soon be expanded into Atlanta’s largest greenspace yet. The neighborhood itself may have a low walkability rating in terms of running errands, but the nearby parks make it a great place to get outside for recreational walking.

Knight Park-Howell Station’s proximity to Midtown and the Georgia Tech campus means that there are plenty of unique and delicious dining options just minutes from the neighborhood. When you own a house in Knight Park-Howell Station, you can enjoy local establishments such as Do Restaurant, West Egg Café, The Optimist, Antico, Cook Out, Sublime Doughnuts and much more.

Those who rent or own properties in Knight Park-Howell Station can also take in the local art and music scene after a day at work. Many attractions are found along West Marietta Street and Joseph E. Lowry Boulevard in the eastern side of the neighborhood. Galleries and venues in the area include:

  • King Plow Arts Center
  • Terminal West
  • Gallery 874
  • Blue Mark Studios

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