Arlington Estates Rentals & Homes for Sale


Families who wish to occupy real estate in the Atlanta area will surely be drawn to the safe and family-friendly neighborhood of Arlington Estates, an affordable vicinity with around 7,225 current residents. Most houses in the small subdivision community of Arlington Estates are located within 20 to 40 minutes of downtown Atlanta, depending on current traffic conditions. As such, Arlington Estates is an excellent vicinity for working professionals to live in, especially if they need to commute into downtown Atlanta on a regular basis.

Arlington Estates Rentals & Homes For Sale
Arlington Estates is The 40th-safest Vicinity in Atlanta

According to key statistics, the Georgia state neighborhood of Arlington Estates is also the 40th-safest vicinity in Atlanta and the 50th– best area in Atlanta to purchase a house. With lower rates of crime and many affordable housing opportunities, the neighborhood is ideal for families with children, and many top-rated schools are also within close proximity. For instance, single family households with children may enroll students in the following schools:

  • Learning Expectations & Academic Performance – A private, Christian school for preschoolers, kindergarteners and grades one through five.
  • The Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School, Elementary Campus – A public charter school for grades kindergarten through five.
  • The Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School, Middle Campus – A public middle school for grades six, seven and eight.
  • The Main Street Lower Academy – A public elementary school for grades kindergarten through eighth.
  • The Amana Academy School – A public elementary school serving kindergarten through grade eight.
  • KIPP Atlanta Collegiate – A top-rated public high school for grades nine through twelve.

Located outside of the perimeter, the neighborhood of Arlington Estates is relatively new compared to many other Atlanta vicinities. However, older homes dating back to the early 1960s are common within this part of Atlanta. Additionally, most homes for sale in the vicinity are valued between $100k and $199k (31 percent of houses), as the median home value in the area is $131,755. About 22 percent of properties are valued between $200k and $399k, while 19 percent are worth between $50k and $99k. Around 17 percent are valued at less than $50k, while just 10 percent are worth between $400k and $749k.

In comparison, the median cost of rentals in Arlington Estates is $1,336 per month, with 44 percent of rental costs ranging between $1,000 and $1,499 per month. About 20 percent of properties cost between $1000 a month and $1,199, while 18 percent cost between $500 and $999. Only 16 percent of units are rented for less than $500 per month. Moreover, owner financed homes account for 69 percent of all real estate in Arlington Estates, while just 31 percent are rented.

Arlington Estates real estate is also within close proximity to multiple family-friendly attractions, including the Tucson Trail Park, Tucson Pool, Grant Park, Adams Park, Sweetwater Creek State Park, Greenbriar Tampa Park and John A. White Park. While Beltline attractions such as the Westside Trail and Boulevard Crossing Park are just a short car ride away, the family-friendly destination of Six Flags Over Georgia is just 10 miles north of Arlington Estates.


As for weekend attractions in Arlington Estates, residents may see a movie at the nearby AMC Camp Creek 14 or they may visit Zoo Atlanta, located just 12 miles away. Moreover, local grocers and retailers include County Line Seafood & Produce, the Legging Hub, Dollar General, Shell, Pearlie’s Floral Designs, Rick’s Hair & Nail Salon, Our Convenience Store and Greenbriar Mall. Those who occupy properties within the Arlington Estates area are also within close proximity to local restaurants such as Scotch Bonnett Jamaican, Boston Fish Supreme and Rahim’s Seafood.

Colleges such as Georgia State University and the Georgia Institute of Technology are also within close proximity of the neighborhood, making the vicinity a practical location for college students to live in. However, the neighborhood’s strong lack of nightlife, bars and shopping centers may make this area less desirable amongst college students and young adults.

Those who own or rent homes in Arlington Estates can also take advantage of public transportation provided by the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), as Bus Route 183 for Barge Road P&R/Lakewood regularly passes through the vicinity. Additionally, intersecting MARTA rail stations include the Lakewood/Fort McPherson station, located on the Red and Gold lines. Since limited bike infrastructure is available in the neighborhood, however, most residents need a personal vehicle to get around. For instance, the vicinity has a biking score of 19 out of 100 and its walking score is just eight, making it difficult to navigate the streets without a motor vehicle.


Furthermore, houses in Arlington Estates are occupied by residents of all ages, genders and education levels. While most residents are millennials between 25 and 34 years of age (16 percent), 14 percent of residents are between 45 and 54 years of age. About 13 percent of residents are between 10 and 17, while an additional 13 percent are between 55 and 64 years of age. Another 13 percent of residents are older than 65, while 12 percent are younger than 10 years of age. About 11 percent of residents are between 35 and 44 years of age, while just eight percent are between 18 and 24. Moreover, 51 percent of real estate is occupied by females, while 49 percent is owned or rented by males.

As for racial diversity in the perimeter of Arlington Estates, about 98 percent of residents are African American, while just two percent are two or more races. Moreover, most residents have an associate’s degree or some college education (28 percent), while 23 percent hold a bachelor’s degree and 22 percent have a master’s or higher degree.

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