Campbellton Road Rentals & Homes for Sale

Residents in search of decently-priced properties a short distance away from the busy city life in Atlanta, Georgia may discover that the Campbellton Road has what they want. Only a 15-minute drive from downtown, the Campbellton Road houses are close enough to still feel like Atlanta but far enough to escape the downtown commotion.

Campbellton Road Rentals & Homes For Sale
Campbellton Road Real Estate is Close to Many Outdoor Areas

Real estate in the Campbellton Road neighborhood is very affordable, thus making it a desirable location for residents who are on a budget or looking to save. Around 90 percent of the resident in the area rent their living spaces. One of the top qualities of the area is its affordability, and it is also fairly satisfactory in terms of nightlife. Houses often have yard space for animals and children to play in and are not very far from the nearest stores and shops.

Residents who are interested in this area can find houses and apartments for fairly low prices in Campbellton Road. New houses are available with contemporary amenities and recent renovations, but older, often outdated living spaces are more commonly found. The average value of homes in the neighborhood is just below $75,000 and the median monthly rent is $750.

Single family homes for sale usually begin under 50k and can reach prices above $150,000. Depending on the type of house and specific location, three-bedroom houses with a large yard and dated furnishings can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000. Unfurnished rental homes in Campbellton Road cost around $850 monthly for two bedroom rentals, $1,000 monthly for three bedroom rentals and $1,400 or more for four bedroom rentals plus.

Campbellton Road apartments for rent can be priced from $550 up to about $1,500. Studio apartments are usually around $530 while one bedrooms can vary from $550 to about 1,000 monthly. Apartment prices for two bedroom rentals in Campbellton Road begin at $645 and rise up to $1,500 monthly and three bedroom apartments begin around $725 and reach just over $1,350. This pricing difference generally depends on the newness of the apartment or house and its accompanying amenities.

Public transit on MARTA is placed abundantly throughout the neighborhood for residents to take into the downtown area of Atlanta. A few golf courses and outdoor recreational green spaces and activity centers are near the Cambellton area for active adults or young children. A number of grocery stores, dining and shopping centers are also close-by for residents to explore outside of downtown Atlanta.

Campbellton Road real estate is close to many outdoor areas, including:

  • Adams Park Swimming Pool
  • Alfred Tup Holmes Golf Course
  • Adams Recreation Center
  • Cascade Springs Nature Preserve
  • John A. White Golf Course


Restaurants near the neighborhood homes include:

  • The Beautiful Restaurant
  • Pizza Hut
  • S & S Cafeteria
  • Fahrenheit Bar and Grill
  • Pretti Plates Catering & Carryout
  • American Deli
  • Checkers
  • Dave Johnson BBQ

Retail and entertainment stores close-by include:

  • Andrew & Walter Young Family YMCA
  • Rainbow Shops
  • Family Dollar
  • Campbellton Plaza
  • Fruit Veggies & Herbs
  • BoGo Women’s Jewelry & Fashions
  • Advance Auto Parts

New professionals and residents on a low budget who are searching for real estate in Atlanta are will likely find a suitable living space in Campbellton Road. Most residents in this neighborhood. Less than half of the residents in the area have attained some kind of college credentials, with only ten percent earning a bachelor’s degree or higher.

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