Old Gordon Rentals & Homes for Sale


Many people seek real estate in the Old Gordon neighborhood when they want to find affordable properties west of Atlanta. Old Gordon is located just outside of the perimeter. Although it is a bit farther from the city center, the neighborhood is actually well-connected to public transportation options. The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) services the area with several bus lines that provide direct access to downtown. Another draw to the neighborhood is that it is very safe, with crime rates falling well below national averages.

Old Gordon has a variety of apartments and other rental properties available. However, you will not find high-rises or sleek, modern homes in the neighborhood.

Old Gordon Rentals & Homes For Sale
Residents Enjoy Living in Old Gordon because it is Safe and Quiet

With its distance from the city center, you are far likelier to come across more modest, yet comfortable two or three-story apartment buildings, as well as townhouses.

Homes for sale are hard to come by in Old Gordon. Because the neighborhood is so small, there are actually only a dozen or so homes to choose from within the boundaries Old Gordon. This means that single family residences rarely go on the market here. When a house does go up for sale in the neighborhood, it usually sells for under 100k, which is a draw for people who are looking for an affordable place to live.

Old Gordon’s residents live almost exclusively in apartment complexes and multifamily townhouses. Windsor Square Townhouses, Metropolitan Gardens and Hagos Park Apartments are some of the more popular places to live within Old Gordon. When signing a lease for immediate move in, residents enjoy a much lower cost than average rent in the neighborhood. The median rent rate is just $734 in Old Gordon, which is significantly less than rates elsewhere in Atlanta.


When you move into an apartment in Old Gordon, you will likely find that many people in your building are employed in sales and service jobs. It is also common for Old Gordon residents to work as clerks, assistants or laborers. Most of your neighbors in Old Gordon will have high school diplomas or hold an associate degree. As you may expect with lower housing costs, many people in the neighborhood also have lower incomes.

In order to get to work, residents of Old Gordon usually drive. Those who work in downtown can use MARTA to get where they need to go. Bus routes that cover the neighborhood include the 56, 50, 51 and 201 lines. With its proximity to the Atlanta Industrial Park, residents who work at businesses there can enjoy a commute time of less than five minutes.

When at home, residents enjoy living in Old Gordon because it is safe and quiet. Violent crimes and property crimes are rare in the neighborhood, falling well below the national averages. This is attractive for families and single residents, alike. Although crimes are uncommon in the area, residents should still be appropriately cautious when out and about in the community.


A safe neighborhood is especially important for families with young children. Those who have school-age kids can choose from a variety of schools in the area. Old Gordon is so small that it does not have any schools within its actual boundaries. However, parents can enroll their kids in area schools such as the following:

  • Atlanta Heights Charter School
  • Harper-Archer Middle School
  • Towns Elementary School
  • Legacy Christian Academy
  • Adamsville Primary School
  • Fain Elementary School
  • Miles Elementary School

When you rent an apartment in Old Gordon, there are several fun activities to do in the area. If you like amusement parks, Six Flags Over Atlanta is just 3 miles away. For other outdoor activities, head to Collier Heights Park or Dr. Mary Shy Scott Memorial Park, both of which are located just east of the neighborhood. You can also have fun visiting the Aviation Community Cultural Center, which is just across the street from Old Gordon. This center has a variety of art exhibits, classes and stage performances that are great for all ages.

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