Wisteria Gardens Rentals & Homes for Sale


Many prospective residents consider buying or renting real estate in Atlanta because of the bustling nightlife and never-ending amount of things to do. However, not everyone wants to be so close to the noise of the city. If you prefer quieter living, one of the Atlanta suburbs to consider living in is Wisteria Gardens, a small neighborhood of less than 1,200 residents. Wisteria Gardens is a quiet area, perfect for potential residents with a family, or those looking to settle down outside of city-life.

Wisteria Gardens Rentals & Homes For Sale
Wisteria Gardens is Less Than 10 Miles from Universities

The majority of properties within Wisteria Gardens are single-family homes, with very few apartment buildings or high-rises. However, a popular reason for residents to consider Wisteria Gardens is for the excellent school systems, and the inexpensive homes for sale. While many younger residents choose to be closer to downtown Atlanta, Wisteria Gardens has become a sought after neighborhood for families, couples, and older residents.

Although most may think Wisteria Gardens, Atlanta does not have bustling restaurant opportunities, they might reconsider that opinion when they see what this area has to offer. Winter Gardens has quite a few delicious hidden gems in the area and surrounding areas, such as:

  • Il Localino
  • Folk Art
  • Babette’s Cafe
  • The Porter Beer Bar
  • The Vortex
  • The North Highland Pub

Outside of varied cuisine in the neighborhood, Wisteria Gardens is also the type of neighborhood that offers cheap housing opportunities as well. It might be hard to imagine that any area on the perimeter of Atlanta’s city center would have such inexpensive housing options, yet this area does. The median home value in Wisteria Gardens is $78,600, with nearly all of the properties being single or multi-family homes. In fact, 96 percent of the homes in the neighborhood are owned, while only 4 percent are rented. This means that prospective renters of Wisteria Gardens will likely not have much luck finding available buildings to live in.


Those who own or rent homes in Wisteria Gardens also tend to have at least some form of higher education. Based on the total population, here is the education demographic for the neighborhood:

  • 55 percent of residents have some college education or an associate’s degree.
  • 20 percent of residents have less than a high school diploma.
  • 18 percent have a high school diploma or GED.
  • Four percent have Master’s degrees.
  • Three percent have a Bachelor’s degree.

Due to the demographic in Wisteria Gardens, the crime rate is considerably lower compared to the rest of the state. This neighborhood has been ranked as a safe place to live especially when compared to the statistics from Downtown Atlanta and its surrounding neighborhoods. Those who own homes in Wisteria Gardens should be happy to note that the neighborhood has been awarded a C+ based on violent and property crime rates, which is significantly better than any other neighborhood close to the downtown area. This is partially because Wisteria Gardens still ranks well-below the national average in areas such as assault, burglary, robbery, theft and violent crimes.

Unfortunately, living in the suburbs of Atlanta means that there are fewer opportunities for public transportation. The popular Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) for instance, does not trek through to Wisteria Gardens. However, there are still plenty of buses that will take residents from Wisteria Gardens to a nearby MARTA station in order to get to Downtown Atlanta.

Furthermore, prospective families looking to own homes in Wisteria Gardens should be aware of the excellent schools surrounding the neighborhood. The top ranked public schools serving the students of Wisteria Gardens are all A and B ranking schools. They include:

  • Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School – Middle Campus
  • Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School – Elementary Campus
  • Charles R. Drew Charter School
  • Miles Elementary School
  • The Kindezi School
  • KIPP Atlanta Collegiate

Additionally, Wisteria Gardens is less than 10 miles from universities such as Georgia State, Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University. Taking public transportation to Downtown Atlanta will take around 45 minutes, while traveling by car will usually take less than 20 minutes. As a suburban neighborhood, Wisteria Gardens is located in a place where it is necessary for residents to own their own vehicles to make transportation easier. Public transportation, walkability, and bike-ability all score extremely low in this neighborhood, which limits the places residents can get to without a vehicle of their own. Thankfully, the commute to downtown by car from Wisteria Gardens is ranked at a B, which means it is much better than the commute from other nearby locations.

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