Southside Rentals & Homes for Sale


If you are a resident in search of properties in Atlanta that offer affordable housing options, South Atlanta is a great place to begin. The neighborhood is located under 15 minutes south of downtown Atlanta, offering a short commute for young professionals working in the city, or for those who are students.

Southside Rentals & Homes For Sale
South Atlanta Real Estate is Close to Many Outdoor Areas

The South Atlanta neighborhood is a few minutes off the beltline that takes drivers right into downtown Atlanta. The area’s affordability is what makes it a top contender for residents on a budget. However, residents will also find plenty of things to do in the neighborhood if they enjoy outdoor activities or if they want to hop in the car for a short drive to downtown’s nightlife.

Potential residents in the South Atlanta neighborhood can find a number of houses and apartments in which to call home. On average, houses in South Atlanta are valued at a little over $75,000, and the median rental price of real estate in South Atlanta is about $680. Single family and multifamily houses are accessible in the neighborhood, whether you prefer to buy or find a for rent by owner home.

South Atlanta’s single family homes are often priced from $50,000 to $230,000. A historic 2 bedroom house with outdated amenities will typically sell for under $100k, and sometimes even under $50k. Meanwhile, a new 2 bedroom home with modern updates can be priced around $130,000. 3 bedroom houses can range from $57,000 for a fixer upper, to almost $235,000 for a new construction property. Homes for rent in South Atlanta are also rather cheap, starting at a meager $1,225 for a five bedroom house.


Apartments for rent in South Atlanta can cost any amount, ranging from $495 to just over $2,300, depending on the qualities that come with it. Studio rentals average $1,355, 1 bedroom rentals average about $1,400, 2 bedroom rentals average around $1,540 and 3 bedroom apartment rentals average a cost close to $1,200.

South Atlanta houses are located just off the Downtown Corridor highway that takes residents right into the center of Atlanta. Various parks and outdoor spaces are close by, and neighborhood residents can easily walk to them in just a few minutes. The area is close to numerous other activities, including entertainment shops, grocery stores, food, bars and shopping centers for students and young residents to use, as needed.

South Atlanta real estate is close to many outdoor areas, like the following:

  • South Atlanta Park
  • Marcy Gardens
  • Hillside Park
  • South Bend Park
  • Benteen Park
  • Boulevard Crossing Park
  • Pittman Park


There are many restaurants near South Atlanta homes. Some options include the below:

  • Wild Planet Café
  • Zapollis Pizzaria
  • Jamrock Jerk Center
  • Bullpen Rib House
  • Subway
  • Octopus Bar
  • JJ Fish & Chicken

Retail and entertainment places close to South Atlanta are aplenty. Some place to consider include the following:

  • Spotlight Department Stores LLC
  • Walter’s Clothing
  • Focus Clothing Store
  • Rainbow Shops
  • ADR Wholesale Retail
  • Tipa Clothing Store
  • Target

With a median household income of just over $17,000, the South Atlanta neighborhood real estate is certainly more suitable for students and new professionals who are just beginning their careers. While some families also reside in the area, it is only graded a “C-” for public schools, so South Atlanta is not the most ideal neighborhood if adolescent education is a priority. Most residents only have some form of college credentials or an associate degree, while just under 20 percent of residents have a bachelor’s degree, or above.

South Atlanta houses are pet friendly, and are close to Atlanta Technical College and Atlanta Metropolitan State College. Students attending these schools often find the close proximity to be valuable, especially since some of them do not own cars, and rely on the convenience of the public transit system, MARTA. Note that there are two bus stops in the South Atlanta neighborhood for residents to use for travel throughout the greater city of Atlanta.

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