Joyland Rentals & Homes for Sale


When looking for real estate in southeast Atlanta, the Joyland neighborhood is a great option. Many small, yet comfortable single family homes are found in the neighborhood, making it a good choice for families and individuals. The Joyland neighborhood has a unique history. On this site, the Joyland Amusement Park opened in 1921 as a park for African-Americans during a time when the city’s other attractions were segregated. The park remained open for some years before being turned into farmland. In the 1950s, the site became a subdivision, which was named after the original amusement park.

Joyland Rentals & Homes For Sale
Joyland’s Proximity to Major Highways Makes it a Popular Option for Residents

Located well within the perimeter of Atlanta, an area defined by the border of Interstate 285, Joyland is an accessible neighborhood. The community is also situated just east of Interstate 85, which provides a direct connection to downtown. Within the neighborhood itself, families and individuals alike enjoy doing outdoor activities such as walking or visiting the skatepark.

Many of the houses in Joyland today have been around since the subdivision was built in the 1950s. It is helpful to note that living in Joyland can be highly affordable, as housing is usually priced much lower than average in the neighborhood. The median home value in Joyland is $94,300, compared to the national average of $184,700. Cheap rentals can also be found in the area. The median rent in Joyland is $865. This amount comes in below the national average of $949. As a result of these prices, Joyland has a relatively low cost of living. It is more common to find single-family homes in Joyland than apartments. When moving to the area, residents can expect to find a variety of renovation opportunities.

If you are considering properties in Joyland, it is helpful to learn about the demographics in the area. In this neighborhood, the average resident is 33 years of age. About 53 percent of residents are single and roughly 24 percent are college educated. Children make up 21 percent of the neighborhood’s population. Note that the income level in Joyland is significantly below the national average. The median household income in the neighborhood is $20,833, compared to the national average of $55,322.


Despite the economic struggles some residents face in the neighborhood, Joyland is slated to be connected to Atlanta’s Beltline project in upcoming years. If you buy a property in Joyland, you will soon enjoy access to the highly-popular trail and transportation system, which will connect to The Arthur Langford Jr. Skatepark. Located in the northeast corner of the neighborhood, this vibrant park is filled with outdoor activities that residents from all walks of life can enjoy.

Joyland’s proximity to major highways makes it a popular option for residents who commute to downtown Atlanta. Most people who own a home in Joyland drive to work. Approximately 69 percent of residents commute by car, while 31 percent utilize public transportation. Joyland is serviced by the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, or the MARTA system’s number 42 bus line.


Joyland is located within close proximity to the Atlanta Technical College and the Atlanta Metropolitan College. Both of these campuses are less than one mile from the neighborhood. Joyland has three public schools within its boundaries:

  • Slater Elementary School
  • Price Middle School
  • Early College High School at Carver

When moving to Joyland, it is important to learn about crime and safety statistics as well. In this neighborhood, you will find that robbery and burglary rates are above the national averages. However, the rates for theft, assault and other violent crimes are below average. As with any neighborhood, it is important to protect your home with the proper security measures and to practice caution when doing activities in the community.

When you buy real estate in Joyland, you will also want to learn about restaurants and recreation activities in the neighborhood. Joyland is best known for dining options such as:

  • Lunch Box
  • Soul Kitchen BBQ
  • Fish Stop Market

Joyland is not known for shopping or entertainment venues, but it still has great activities to offer. For example, the Arthur Langford, Jr. Park, also known as the skatepark, is a fun place to be. The park is geared towards beginner skaters, but it has plenty of other activities for those with more experience. The park also has a community center. After planned renovations take place, the center will be used for hosting events in the park.

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