The Villages at Carver Rentals & Homes for Sale


Residents looking for properties in Atlanta on a budget, but in need of spacious living areas, will find that The Villages at Carver might be a suitable option for their needs. This neighborhood is located just over 10 minutes south of downtown Atlanta and provides many real estate options for young professionals and students.

The Villages At Carver Rentals & Homes For Sale
The Villages at Carver Real Estate is Close to Numerous Outdoor Areas

The Villages at Carver neighborhood is near the Atlanta Beltline, which leads right into the center of downtown. One of the best qualities of the area is its affordability and proximity to Atlanta Metropolitan State College, making it a popular location among college students.

Potential residents in the Villages at Carver neighborhood can find some houses and many apartments available. On average, houses in the Villages at Carver are valued at $82,000, and the middling rental price of the Villages at Carver’s rentals is just over $700. The area is comprised of both single family and multifamily homes from which residents can choose.

Single family homes for rent by owner in the Villages at Carver are usually priced from $850 to $3,800 per month. Usually, 2 bedroom houses are available for less than $1000 a month, 3 bedroom rentals are between $1,000 to $1,400 a month and four-bedroom houses, or more, can cost $1,800 to $3,800 monthly. Rental homes prices vary, based on the different amenities and characteristics in the building.

Prices of the Villages at Carver apartments for rent are available for as little as $495, and climb up to $2,315. Studio apartments are often found for $1,355 and 1 bedroom apartments vary from $495 to $1,895 per month. 2 bedroom apartment rentals at the Villages on Carter are priced from $545 to $2,315 per month, while 3 bedroom rentals begin around $890, and can rise to $1,500. The price differences often depend on the quality of the features, the general house and its amenities.


The Villages at Carver houses are located just off highway 85 that drives residents directly into the city center downtown. A recreation center and numerous city parks are within walkable distance from the neighborhood for active youth and children. The area is also close to shops, a selection of grocery stores, restaurants, bars and shopping centers, all of which residents can easily access.

The Villages at Carver real estate is close to numerous outdoor areas. These including the below:

There are several restaurants near the Villages at Carver homes. These include the following:

  • Lunch Box
  • Cuz Food Place
  • Quick Snack Chicken Shack
  • Wendy’s
  • Zapollis Pizzaria
  • Something Special Restaurant


Retail and entertainment places near the Villages at Carver are vast. Consider this list:

  • Carver Neighborhood Market
  • My Sweet Sensations
  • Retail Wholesale & Department Store
  • C & J Clothing
  • Arthur Langford Jr. Recreation Center

Most residents in the Villages at Carver rent their properties, with a median household income of close to $16,675. The low rent and close proximity of the neighborhood to Atlanta Technical College and Atlanta Metropolitan State College make it popular for student living. About one-third of the residents in this neighborhood are working toward some higher education credentials, such as an associate degree. Just under 20 percent of residents have a bachelor’s degree, or higher.

Although the Villages at Carver houses crime levels earn just a “C” and its good for families grade is a “C-“, the schools around the neighborhood have “A-s” and “Bs,” which is a good asset for families living in the area. The public schools in the neighborhood offer a fairly decent education to the children in attendance, so parents on a budget might be more inclined to consider this area of Atlanta for its positive educational reviews.

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