Grove Park Rentals & Homes for Sale


A wide variety of cheap real estate can be found in the Grove Park neighborhood, located in northwestern Atlanta. This neighborhood is well within the perimeter and is only a few miles from downtown. Residents here usually rely on a car in order to get around, but the community is also well-connected to several public transportation routes available through the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA). Those who live here enjoy a variety of parks and other recreational opportunities.

Grove Park Rentals & Homes For Sale
Grove Park Has a Walk Score of 38 Points Out of 100

Before buying properties in Grove Park, prospective homebuyers can get a feel for the community by learning about neighborhood demographics and the cost of living. Residents of Grove Park have an average income of $26,360, which is lower than the national average. However, most residents do have some education, with about 19 percent of the community holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. For those without a college degree, many still have a high school diploma or some college experience.

Many families make homes for themselves in Grove Park. Since about 12 percent of the neighborhood’s population are children, parents with school-aged children should make note of the schools in the area. Children of Grove Park are zoned to the following schools:

  • Woodson Park Academy
  • White Elementary School
  • Boyd Elementary School
  • Grove Park Elementary School
  • The Kindezi School
  • The B.E.S.T. Academy at Benjamin S. Carson High School


Houses in Grove Park are relatively affordable. In fact, many houses under 100k are listed on the market on a regular basis. The median closing price is about $95,000, and a majority of the residences were constructed between 1940 and 1969. A variety of historic homes, such as those built prior to 1940 are in the neighborhood. However, when looking for housing in the neighborhood, rental properties are more commonly found. The vast majority, 70 percent, of residents live in apartments, while 31 percent are homeowners. This is partially because rent rates are more affordable in Grove Park than elsewhere in the country at $830 a month.

When considering a home or apartment in Grove Park, prospective residents should also look at crime rates. Overall, property crimes and violent crimes are higher in Grove Park when compared to national statistics. As in any neighborhood, residents can watch out for their homes, vehicles and personal safety by installing security systems, locking their doors and practicing due caution when out in the community at night.

Residents of Grove Park usually need to own a vehicle or utilize public transportation in order to run errands or get to work. However, properties in the neighborhood are covered by several bus lines in the MARTA system. Routes include the following options:

  • Number 51 bus line
  • Number 67 bus line
  • Number 53 bus line
  • Number 50 bus line
  • Number 58 bus line


Atlanta’s commuter rail system also has a few stops within close proximity to Grove Park. Nearby train stops include the Hamilton E. Holmes, West Lake and Bankhead stations.

When not at work, residents can enjoy getting outside. Grove Park has a walk score of 38 points out of 100. Although the overall walkability of the neighborhood is relatively low, homeowners and renters have access to a variety of outdoor spaces for evening strolls. The Westside Reservoir Park is found in the northern portion of the neighborhood. This expansive outdoor area is the site of an old quarry surrounded by green space. The area is slated to be turned into Atlanta’s largest park with new developments underway. Once complete, the greenspace will encompass a massive 280 acres.

Those who own a home in Grove Park can currently enjoy a variety of other outdoor spaces in the neighborhood. Recreation opportunities can be found at the following areas:

  • Grove Park
  • Grove Park Recreation Center
  • Edwin Place Park
  • Center Hill Park
  • Evelyn Place Park
  • Gertrude Place Park
  • Matilda Place Park
  • Arlington Circle Playlot

People who own homes in Grove Park also have access to a variety of restaurants in addition to great outdoor spaces. Popular local establishments include:

  • A Town Wings
  • American Deli
  • Sanbella Restaurant & Lounge
  • Smokey Shack
  • Wings & Philly
  • Pig’s Smokehouse

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