Dixie Hills Rentals & Homes for Sale


While rentals account for around 45 percent of all properties in Dixie Hills, 55 percent of structures are owned. Of the owner financed homes in Dixie Hills, the median home value is $65,622. However, the median cost of rent in the neighborhood is around $984. Within the suburbs of Dixie Hills, residents can find single family homes for sale or rent, as the cost of living in the vicinity is very affordable. Additionally, apartments or affordable condo units are also available. Dixie Hills also provides its residents with the 13th-lowest cost of living in Atlanta as well as in Fulton County.

Dixie Hills Rentals & Homes For Sale
The Suburb of Dixie Hills is Home to Residents of Various Education Levels

Of the 2,492 residents living in homes or other types of structures within Dixie Hills, 50 percent are male and 50 percent are female. Within the perimeter of Dixie Hills, 97 percent of residents are African American and two percent are white. Moreover, most residents are older than 65 or between 35 and 44 years of age. For instance:

  • 28 percent of residents are 65 years of age or older.
  • 16 percent are between 35 and 44 years of age.
  • 14 percent are between 25 and 34 years of age.
  • 11 percent are between 45 and 54 years of age.
  • 9 percent are younger than 10 years of age.
  • 8 percent are between 18 and 24 years of age.
  • 8 percent are between 55 and 64 years of age.
  • 7 percent are between 10 and 17 years of age.

Additionally, most real estate in Dixie Hills is occupied by residents who earn a median household income of $35,546. More specifically, 38 percent of residents earn less than $25k per year, 29 percent earn between $25k and $44k, 23 percent receive a salary of between $45k and $74k and nine percent earn between $75k and $149k. Only one percent of residents earn more than $150k per year.


Compared to other neighborhoods in Georgia state, the crime rate in Dixie Hills is slightly higher. On average, there are around 1,336 burglaries, 2,397 thefts and 550 motor vehicle thefts each year. While violent crimes have also been reported, living in any major U.S. city poses an increased risk of becoming a victim of robbery, theft or assault.

Moreover, the suburb of Dixie Hills is home to residents of various education levels. For instance, 33 percent of residents hold a high school diploma, 26 percent have an associate’s degree or some college education and 17 percent hold a bachelor’s degree. While 14 percent do not have a high school diploma, around nine percent hold a master’s degree or higher.

For multifamily households with children, several top-rated public schools include the KIPP Atlanta Collegiate, the Kindezi School, Charles R. Drew Charter School and the Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School. While the Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School is for elementary and middle school-aged children, the Kendezi School teaches kindergarten through eighth grade, while the Charles R. Drew Charter School teaches kindergarten through 12th grade. KIPP Atlanta Collegiate teaches grades nine through 12.


As another luxury of living in Dixie Hills, residents can take advantage of the vicinity’s convenient access to public transportation, as the neighborhood has a promising transit score of 58 out of 100. Through MARTA (the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority), bus lines 51 and 867 regularly stop in Dixie Hills. Nearby stations include Hamilton E. Holmes Transit, West Lake Transit and North Avenue Transit. Additionally, Route 51 can be taken to popular destinations such as the World of Coca-Cola and Georgia Tech University.

While MARTA is accessible to residents of Dixie Hills, other nearby neighborhoods such as Center Hill have a transit score of only 46, while Riverside has an even lower transit score of 39. Moreover, the neighborhood has earned a walking score of 32 out of 100 and a bike score of 34. Without using public transportation, most errands require the use of a vehicle.

Within the perimeter of Dixie Hills, residents may enjoy local restaurants such as Fellini’s Pizza, Yeah Burger, Fox Bros Barbecue and Fat Matt Ribs Shack, or they may shop at retailers such as Kroger, The Home Depot and Jones Flowers. Anderson Recreation Center, Anderson Park and Tremont Playlot are other local attractions. Possible weekend activities may include a trip to the Westside Growers Market or seeing a movie at Regal Cinemas Atlantic Station 18. Moreover, other favored businesses in Dixie Hills include Planet Fitness and Best in Show Dog Grooming. While the Atlanta beltline does not include the neighborhood of Dixie Hills, residents are within close proximity to the following parks and trails:

  • The Westside Trail
  • The West End Trail
  • Gordon White Park

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