Perkerson Rentals & Homes for Sale


Real estate south of Atlanta, such as in the Perkerson neighborhood, tends to be more affordable than it is north of the city. Potential residents looking for homes are drawn to the Perkerson community, also known as Perkerson Park, for a number of reasons, one of which is the available of affordable housing. Many homes under 100k are found in Perkerson and housing is priced at an average of $80 per square foot, and the median closing price falls around $98,000, as of 2018. In addition to a relatively low cost of living, the community is also well-connected to public transportation. The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) has several bus lines that go through the neighborhood and easily transport residents around the Atlanta area.

Perkerson Rentals & Homes For Sale
There are Still More than 6,600 People in Perkerson

Those who want to make a home in this neighborhood can choose from a variety of residences in Perkerson. Small to large apartments are available, including everything from studio apartment to a multi-bedroom unit. Rental options include the City Central, Chez Moi, and the Skyview Apartment complexes, among others. It is common to hold a lease in this neighborhood and about 64 percent of residents in the area rent their residence, as opposed to the 36 percent that actually own their homes. The median rental rate in Perkerson is $784 per month, which is well below the national average of $949.

Houses in Perkerson tend to be small or medium in size. Residences are generally well-established, with the majority of them having been built between 1940 and 1969, but new homes are available as well. However, while there are a variety of homes in Perkerson, many of them are only available for rent. Because of this limitation, approximately 23 percent of the properties here are unoccupied, which is a higher-than-average rate.


While some residences are vacant, there are still more than 6,600 people in Perkerson. To get a better grasp of the area’s demographic, here are a few fact:

  • Those who live in the neighborhood tend to be lower income, as the median household income is $24,262, which is well below the national average.
  • Approximately 16 percent of residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher, while the majority have some college education or a high school diploma as their highest level of education.
  • Many families call Perkerson home, as 19 percent of the population is younger than 18 years of age.
  • The average resident is 35 years of age.

As for the job demographic for those who rent or own homes in Perkerson, your potential neighbors will most likely hold one of the following positions:

  • About 46 percent of residents work in sales or the restaurant industry.
  • 20 percent work as clerks, assistants and support positions.
  • Roughly 18 percent of people living in the area work in manufacturing or as laborers and the remaining.
  • 14 percent are in professional and management positions.

Those who own property in Perkerson usually need a car in order to get to work or run errands. The neighborhood is relatively car-dependent, with a walkability score of 40 points out of 100. However, with its proximity to major highways and interstates, commuters find it relatively easy to get around. Perkerson Park is bordered by Interstate 85/75 to the east and Highway 166 to the north. Highway 41 cuts straight through the neighborhood, as well. MARTA bus lines in the vicinity include:

  • Number 95 line.
  • Number 172 line.
  • Number 178 line.
  • Number 42 line.
  • Number 78 line.

A short distance to the west, commuters can hop on the rail line at either the East Point or Ft. McPherson station. This train travels north into downtown, providing easy and quick access for those who work in the city.

The Perkerson neighborhood is moderately safe, with most types of property crimes being below the national average. Motor vehicle thefts are somewhat higher than average, as are certain violent crimes. However, residents can protect their homes and vehicles by installing the proper security systems. In Perkerson, as in any neighborhood, these steps are always wise to take.


When buying a house or considering rental properties in Perkerson, you will want to learn about the schools in the area. Several public, charter and private school options are available within the neighborhood and just over its boundaries, including:

  • New Life Technical Academy
  • Hutchinson Elementary
  • Cleveland Elementary School
  • Parklane Elementary School
  • Perkerson Elementary School
  • Romar Academy
  • Cameron Academy
  • Tri-Cities High School
  • Aps-Forest Hills Academy

As for entertainment, recreation and dining, there are several great options in and around the neighborhood. Avery Park has just over 11 acres of outdoor space in addition to the Gilbert House Recreation Center. Very few homes are found along the border of this park, but many residences are within walking distance. The park is bordered mostly by businesses as well as the Victory Outreach Church.

As a primarily residential neighborhood, there are few dining options within Perkerson for those who rent or own homes there. However, along its edges, residents can enjoy a meal at several independent and chain eateries such as:

  • American Wings
  • Tacos El Gallo
  • Burger King
  • Popeyes
  • Subway
  • SOS Deli
  • Rahim Chicken Supreme
  • Wing Lover
  • Lowery’s Soul Food Express
  • Church’s Chicken
  • Ikhlas Suberb Seafood
  • Marr Marr’s BBQ
  • Rosie’s Coffee Café

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