Sylvan Hills Rentals & Homes for Sale


Potential residents looking for real estate in Atlanta are oftentimes attracted to the Sylvan Hills neighborhood. Situated southwest of the city center, this community is sandwiched between Highway 29 and Interstate 85, both of which lead to downtown Atlanta. The neighborhood is well-connected to a variety of public transportation routes as well. Furthermore, cheap houses and apartments can be found in Sylvan Hills.

Sylvan Hills Rentals & Homes For Sale
Sylvan Hills Residents can Enjoy a Few Different Recreation Opportunities in the Neighborhood

The Sylvan Hills neighborhood has a variety of housing options. It is common to find small to medium-sized single family houses as well as apartment homes. The community is well-established, with many residences having been built between 1940 and 1969. A variety of options predate the 1940s as well, which is attractive to those who like historic homes. Many rental options consist of small studio apartments, but larger units are found throughout the neighborhood as well. A variety of houses can also be leased, but usually at a higher cost.

Homes under 100k are available in the Sylvan Hills neighborhood, but the median closing price is around $190k, as of 2018. Residences are priced at an average of $140 per square foot and the median rent is around $965 per month, just slightly more than the national average. The majority of residents in Sylvan Hills are not homeowners. About 59 percent of the community rents, while the remaining 41 percent own their homes.

People who live in Sylvan Hills tend to be older than the average age of residents in the rest of Atlanta, with the neighborhood’s median being 41 years of age. There are also a fair number of families living in this neighborhood, as 19 percent of the residents are children. However, the majority of people who live in the community, about 57 percent, are single. Household incomes tend to fall well below average in this neighborhood, with the median income being as low as $29,638. Most residents of Sylvan Hills hold a high school diploma while 15 percent of the population here has a bachelor’s degree or higher.


People who buy houses in Sylvan Hills generally rely on having a car in order to get around. Approximately 73 percent of residents commute by car, while the remaining 27 percent utilize public transportation. The neighborhood’s walk score is 41 out of 100. While not a very walkable neighborhood, Sylvan Hills has great transit options. Public transportation is available from the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, also known as MARTA. Several bus routes run through the neighborhood or can be found on its borders. Residents can take advantage of the following options:

  • 172 bus line
  • 178 bus line
  • 183 bus line
  • 95 bus line
  • 42 bus line
  • Lakewood/ Ft. McPherson commuter rail stop
  • Oakland City commuter rail stop

As with any neighborhood, residents in Sylvan Hills should be aware of their surroundings in order to remain safe. This community has a higher-than-average rate of crime compared to national statistics. However, it is generally safer in comparison to the rest of Fulton County. In any case, home and vehicle security measures can be implemented in order to increase personal safety. When out in the community, residents should also try to avoid high-crime areas at night. These include sections along Perkerson Rd SW as well as the area between Langston Ave SW and Hood Dr SW.


Before buying a house in Sylvan Hills, families will want to consider which schools are found in and around the neighborhood. This community has several different primary and secondary schools to choose from. Furthermore, the Atlanta Technical College and Atlanta Metropolitan State College are both located within the neighborhood, making it a great option for those seeking continuing education. Grade schools, middle schools and high schools in and around Sylvan Hills include the following:

  • Sylvan Hills Middle School
  • Cameron Academy
  • Romar Academy
  • Perkerson Elementary School

Before returning home after a day at work or school, Sylvan Hills residents can enjoy a few different recreation opportunities in the neighborhood. Emma Millican Park, located just north of Atlanta Technical College, is one option for outdoor activities. Perkerson Park, situated on the border of the Sylvan Hills neighborhood, is equally enjoyable. A variety of houses in Sylvan Hills are nestled along this outdoor area, making for attractive real estate opportunities. An exciting activity for children in the neighborhood is the Metro Fun Center. This attraction features climbing structures, go-karts, inflatables, skating and laser tag, making the center a great outing for kids and kids at heart.

As for eating out, Sylvan Hills has several popular options. Most restaurants are located along Highway 41, which cuts through the neighborhood’s east side. Restaurants and cafes in the Sylvan Hills include the following:

  • D& D Barbeque & Ribs
  • Lakewood Diner
  • Captain D’s
  • JJ Fish & Chicken
  • Kemper’s Café
  • Wings Express Takeout

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