Venetian Hills Rentals & Homes for Sale


Many people buy real estate in the Venetian Hills area of Atlanta when they want a comfortable neighborhood with a great commute to downtown. Houses in Venetian Hills are affordable and the community features a variety of activities for families and individuals. Considered by many to be an up and coming neighborhood, potential residents may want to move to the area quickly while real estate prices are still on the lower end.

Venetian Hills Rentals & Homes For Sale
Venetian Hill’s Residents can Find Several Different Recreation and Entertainment Options

Venetian Hills has an urban feel, with about half of the residents living in rental homes and the other half being homeowners. Currently, the median rent rate is $994, which is just slightly above the national average, but still far below Atlanta’s median rate of $2,000 a month. Homes are worth a median of $72,904, but values are steadily rising. However, even with increasing values, some homes under 100k are still available on the market. As of 2018, the median closing price is $172,000, with places priced at $119 per square foot.

Many properties in the neighborhood have been renovated. However, there are still some fixer upper homes in the area, as well. Most residential options are well-established, having been built between 1940 and 1969, and many other residences were constructed between 1970 and 1999. Several apartments can be found around Venetian Hills, but the Venetian Hills Apartment complex is the only option within the actual boundaries of the neighborhood. Just across the street, two apartment options include Aspen Courts and QLS Garden, and the remaining apartment options boarder the southwest corner of Venetian Hills.


Learning about the neighborhood demographics can give potential residents a better feel for what it is like to live in Venetian Hills. Those residing in Venetian Hills homes tend to adhere to the following demographics:

  • Low-income, with median household earnings of $28,225.
  • Have some college education or a high school diploma as their highest level of education.
  • One-third of the residents are employed in the sales and service industry, another third of residents work in professional, management and executive positions and the remaining third is employed in manufacturing, labor, clerical or assistant positions.
  • The median age of those who rent or own homes in Venetian Hills is 35.
  • About 32 percent of the people living in the area are single.

Many families reside in the neighborhood, as well, and children account for approximately 20 percent of the neighborhood’s population. Families are often attracted to the area for the A and B ranked charter schools in the area, which include:

  • Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School
  • Charles R. Drew Charter School
  • The Kindezi School
  • KIPP Atlanta Collegiate

As for public schools in the area, they have an overall D rankings, which is why most residents prefer to send their children to charter and private schools is possible.

Individuals who rent or own homes in Venetian Hills should know that the neighborhood has a relatively low crime rate compared to other communities in Fulton County. Property crimes and personal crimes are somewhat above average compared to the rest of the U.S, but Venetian Hills is still regarded as much safer than neighboring communities such as Oakland City, Fort Valley and Capitol View. Venetian Hill’s residents can protect their belongings and personal safety by exercising practical safety precautions in their everyday lives.


In addition to having a moderately low crime rate compared to other neighborhoods, Venetian Hills is also popular because of its commuting options. Public transportation is very good in the neighborhood, as the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) has several bus routes including the 71, 81, 83 and 162 lines. Venetian Hills also has easy access to the commuter rail, which runs directly into Downtown Atlanta and can be accessed at the Oakland City station.

Although Venetian Hills has good public transportation options, it is still a car-dependent neighborhood. Those who own a house or rent apartments in the area should plan on owning a car or utilizing public transportation in order to run errands, as the neighborhood’s walk score sits at 37 points out of 100.

After a day at work or school, Venetian Hill’s residents can find several different recreation and entertainment options in the neighborhood. Venetian Hills has a few choices within the neighborhood, and additional fun can be found within a five-minute drive. Places to visit in and around Venetian Hills include the following:

  • The Reverend James Orange Park Splash Pad
  • The Hames Orange Recreation Center
  • Gilliam’s Community Garden
  • The Barbara A. McCoy Park
  • The John A. White Outdoor Pool
  • The John A. White Golf Course

Those who rent or own real estate in Venetian Hills can also eat out at a variety of local establishments. Chains, as well as independent restaurants in the area, include:

  • S & S Cafeteria, which serves up classic American dishes.
  • American Deli, a restaurant serving sandwiches and comfort food.
  • Atlanta Fish House & Grill, which serves a variety of seafood and classic dishes.
  • Viva la Vegan, an all-vegan restaurant serving casual comfort food.

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