West Lake Rentals & Homes for Sale


Potential residents are drawn to real estate in the West Lake neighborhood because of the low costs and the neighborhood’s proximity to downtown. Located just five miles from the city center, residents can get to the center of the action in 15 minutes or less. Surrounding this neighborhood, residents can take part in a variety of local activities as well.

West Lake Rentals & Homes For Sale
West Lake has Several Nearby Parks that Are Popular Among Children and Families

As a primarily residential neighborhood, those looking at properties in the area will find a range of houses on cul-de-sacs and quiet streets. Apartments are less common in West Lake, with only one complex located within the neighborhood. Even with few apartment complexes in the area, most of the people in West Lake live in rentals rather than owning their residence.

The most common real estate listings in West Lake are small to medium-sized single family homes. In this neighborhood, the majority of the listings are for one story homes, which oftentimes have brick facades and nice patios. West Lake is filled with tree-lined streets, and many homeowners can enjoy having beautiful, mature trees in their back yards.

One reason people choose this neighborhood is the fact that homes are typically very affordable here compared to the rest of Atlanta. The median closing price on a home is about $125,750 and houses are priced at an average of $126 per square foot. In comparison, Atlanta’s average price-per-square-foot is $192. Those who rent in the neighborhood also pay less here than they would in the rest of Atlanta. The median rental rate in West Lake is $1,095 a month, which is far below the $2,000 average rental rate elsewhere in the city.


With cheap housing costs, the West Lake area is a popular neighborhood for homeowners with a lower income, as most residents make an average of $27,963 a year. Those who rent or own homes in West Lake usually hold the following jobs:

  • About 20 percent of the residents here work as clerks and assistants.
  • 18 percent work as professionals and executives.
  • About 8 percent work in manufacturing or as laborers.

There are also quite a few people in this neighborhood who are older than 65 years of age. In fact, more than 30 percent of residents are seniors. This brings the neighborhood’s median age up to 38 years of age, which is above the average age for residents in Atlanta.

West Lake has several nearby parks that are popular among children and families. Mozley Park, just south of the neighborhood, has an expansive network of walking paths. The park also has fun amenities such as the Powell Pool and the CA Scott Recreation Center. Residents who rent or own homes in West Lake have easy access to the park via the Lionel Hampton Trail, which connects to Spring Lane NW in the southeastern corner of the neighborhood. Another option, Anderson Park, is just minutes away. The Anderson Recreation Center is a great place for families, with a park and pool for the community to enjoy.

When at home or out in the community, residents will want to be aware of the neighborhood’s crime rate. Property crimes and violent crimes are slightly more common in the West Lake neighborhood than in other parts of Atlanta. Residents can stay safe by securing their homes and vehicles and by being appropriately cautious when out and about.


During the work week, West Lake residents find it easy to get just about anywhere via public transportation. The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) has several bus routes running through or near the neighborhood. Residents can jump on the number 53, 67, 51 or 13 bus line to get to their destination. The commuter rail run by MARTA also has a convenient stop in the neighborhood, and the West Lake Station in the southwestern corner of the neighborhood allows people to get downtown in no time. The Blue line runs right past Morris Brown College and has a stop a few blocks from Clark Atlanta University as well.

Although the neighborhood is well connected via bus routes and the commuter rail, the majority of those who live here still commute by car. When you own a home or live in a rental in West Lake, you will find that 74 percent of your neighbors drive to work. A vehicle comes in handy when doing things around the neighborhood as well. This is because West Lake is not among Atlanta’s most walkable communities when it comes to running errands, and it has a walk score of 37 out of 100 points.

For those who own properties in West Lake, a car can also be useful when dropping kids off at school activities as well. Several school districts cover West Lake, but some of these are a little farther from the neighborhood than others. High ranking local schools for West Lake residents include:

  • L Stanton Elementary School
  • KIPP Atlanta Collegiate
  • The Kindezi School
  • Grove Park Elementary School
  • Douglass High School
  • Booker T. Washington High School

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